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Book your ski lessons at the French Ski School with the ROC BLANC Agency. Everything is ready when you arrive.

LITTLE CHILDREN, CHILDREN, TEENS, ADULTS ... Everyone can join the SNOW SCHOOL for a 6-day half-day course - MORNING or AFTERNOON.

Skiing and the mountains is so much better when it is well taught!

Book your ski or surf lessons at the Agence du ROC BLANC, depending on your age range and technical levels.
- Initiations for the "little ones", from 3 to 5 years.
- Fundamentals for CHILDREN (6-13yrs).
- Improvements for ADOS
- and also the ADULTS, to begin, to progress, to evolve.

We propose to reserve for you, the course 6 half-days MORNING or AFTERNOON. The collective supervision by a ski instructor allows you to progress in a relaxed and attentive rhythm.

On your arrival in TIGNES, everything is already booked. You can directly enjoy.

When booking, please specify your technical level. This will be confirmed with your ski instructor during the first half-day of practice.

- Kids:
Choose from the levels - Children’s playground (3 years) - Piou-Piou - "Ourson"
Note that these courses do not require purchase of the ski pass. They are made on the private child space.

- Kids, teenagers, adults
Choose from "Flocon", 1st Star, 2nd Star, 3rd Star, Bronze Star, Gold Star.
Please note: the Flocon and 1st star courses only require the TIGNES package, the higher courses ask for the TIGNES / Val d’Isère package.

SURF LESSONS: they are offered to children and teenagers from 8 years old also by levels.