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Mini BOX 4G WIFI - CHAMPAGNY World Wide Connected

Mini Box 4G Wifi

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The MINI-BOX 4G - WIFI in your pocket, in your apartment, in your chalet ... & even in the backpack, on the slopes!

While staying at CHAMPAGNY, stay connected in comfort and fluidity similar to those in your home or office.

Choose the flow suitable for your consumption:

□ WIFI box 4G max flow 1 GB / day = 39.00 euros / week
□ WIFI box 4G max flow 2 GB / day = 70.00 euros / week
□ WIFI box 4G max flow 4 GB / day = 90.00 euros / week
□ WIFI box 4G max flow 5 GB / day = 120.00 euros / week

To secure the availability of this service, book your MINI-BOX in advance; our stock is limited (reservation for the Wednesday evening before your arrival = guaranteed availability).

Further information:
- Deposit on the availability of the MINI-BOX = 140 €
- Your consumption can be regulated by the supplier, in case of use of the BOX out of quota.
- We will give you with the rental of the BOX, the general conditions of use of the equipment, which you commit.